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About Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a Spitz breed with origins in Northern Siberia (Russia). The working class Siberian Husky, along with the Samoyed and the Malamutes are descendants of the original sled dog,


About JAMIE Huskies

JAMIE Huskies was founded in 2000.

Our dogs and puppies get the love and care they deserve and they are a Big Part of our Family!!!

We sell our puppies as Pets and we are dedicated to producing top quality dogs.

We are a small breeder so we have time for each and every one of them.

We have select litters a year so moms have time to rest. This also helps to keep moms and puppies healthy.




Here you can see where puppies are born and cared for. 

We do have a Puppy House that has Heat and Air.

(this Summer 2016 we did lots of renovations to our Puppy House...)



 http://www.nadiashuskies.com/IMG_0073.JPG  http://www.nadiashuskies.com/IMG_0071.JPG  http://www.nadiashuskies.com/IMG_0072.JPG

and of course the Castle for Adults ;-)))


All of our dogs are AKC registered.

We  ONLY sell our puppies with Limited AKC registration (which means we do not sell them with breeding rights).

We feed our dogs top quality food - Purina PRO PLAN which is one of the best and highly nutritious dog food.


  All our dogs are on Heartworm medication that they take EVERY month - SO important for every dog...    http://www.nadiashuskies.com/dogsmed-03.jpg      and dewormed as it is needed.     http://www.nadiashuskies.com/dogsmed-04.jpg

   We always make sure that ALL our dogs and their puppies have proper Veterinarian health care

   and see Vets on a regular basis for shots, deworming, yearly checkups, tests and so on...

          http://www.nadiashuskies.com/DSCN1088-vet.jpg    http://www.nadiashuskies.com/DSCN4798-P.jpg   http://www.nadiashuskies.com/DSCN7133-p.jpg   

    Siberian Huskies are the only breed we raise and all our dogs receive quality care, love and attention.

And LOTS of socialization.

http://www.nadiashuskies.com/DSCN4131-p.jpg http://www.nadiashuskies.com/DSCN4168-p.jpg http://www.nadiashuskies.com/DSCN8421-P.jpg

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. We will respond to all as soon as possible!

All our contact information is located on the "CONTACT US" page.

You are WELCOME to come visit our place and meet our dogs!